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Test Station


Test station is an essential part of cathodic protection system (tank, pipe, wharf and other metal structures). It is mainly used to check and monitor the effectiveness and operating parameters of cathodic protection. This cathodic protection test pile is also applied to test protection potential, and can be used for testing sacrificial anode current and insulation joint, etc. The installation position of test station should choose where wash erosion, landslide and mudslide seldom happen. The installation of this cathodic protection test pile should guarantee basis reliability, which can avoid subside rigidity or pile tilt.

Classification of Test Station:

1.According to the material quality, we can classify test station into steel test pile, cement test pile and plastic test pile. The steel test pile can be divided into carbon steel and stainless steel test pile.
2.According to the function, the cathodic protection test pile can be divided into potential test pile, current test pile, insulation test pile, and so on.

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