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Induction Furnace


An induction furnace is an electrical furnace used for melting metals. The advantage of the induction heating furnace is a clean, energy-efficient and well-controllable melting process compared to other means of metal melting. Most modern foundries use this type of furnace and now also more iron foundries are replacing cupolas with induction furnaces to melt cast iron. Its capacities range from less than one kilogram to one hundred tones and the induction heating furnace can be used to melt iron and steel, copper, aluminum and precious metals. CORROCO can provide core and coreless induction furnaces.

Corroco International Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of induction furnaces in China. In addition to induction heating furnaces, we are also engaged in producing rectifier transformer, casting machine, rotary kiln, water valve, machining and parts, etc. With 12 years' production experience, our products have been exported to the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Iran, Pakistan, India, Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Congo, Turkey, etc.